About HM

Harvest Moon Motion Pictures & Television is a fully integrated, broad-based entertainment company in the creation, production, distribution, licensing and marketing of all forms of entertainment and their related businesses. Our fully integrated, broad-based Studio stands at the forefront of every aspect of the entertainment industry from feature film, television and home entertainment production and worldwide distribution to DVD and Blu-ray, digital distribution, animation, magazines, product and brand licensing, and broadcasting.

We work across all platforms and outlets, and are becoming trendsetters in the digital realm with video-on-demand (transactional and ad-supported), branded channels, and original content.

Harvest Moon Motion Pictures & Television produces and distributes a wide-ranging slate, employing a business paradigm that mitigates risk while maximizing productivity and capital. Harvest Moon Motion Pictures & Television either fully finances or co-finances the films it produces and maintains worldwide distribution rights. It also monetizes its distribution and marketing operations by distributing films that are totally financed and produced by third parties.

Harvest Moon Motion Pictures & Television is also a global leader in the marketing and distribution of feature films, operating offices in 2 countries and releasing films in over 120 international territories, either directly to theaters or on VoD.

Our Television Group oversees and grows the entire portfolio of Harvest Moons’ television businesses, including worldwide production, traditional and digital distribution, and broadcasting.

Based on the constantly changing ways by which consumers access entertainment product, Harvest Moon focuses on maximizing current and next-generation distribution scenarios to make the Studio’s content available to audiences through as many channels, platforms and devices as possible.

With current technologies we are able to deliver the Studio’s content to consumers in the format of their choice as conveniently as possible, this helps the Studio to maintain an industry-leading and defining role in the rapidly evolving home entertainment marketplace while moving consumers’ home entertainment experiences into a new era.

With a global network of offices and agents in key regions throughout the world, including North America, and Europe, Harvest Moon maintains an ongoing commitment to expand and build the power of its core brands’ recognition in the international marketplace through strong and creative merchandising, promotional marketing and retail programs.