Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)
How do I access the Harvest Moon’s web site?
The Harvest Moon web site is available at http://www.harvestmoonmotionpictures.comThe site provides information about all current and upcoming Universal Pictures releases.



When does a certain movie come out on DVD?
Upcoming DVD release dates can be found at http://www.harvestmoonmotionpictures.com/movies



How do I get tickets to movie premieres?
Tickets to premieres are by invitation only. From time to time, we do offer advance-screening tickets through our site.



I have an idea for a movie. How do I submit ideas or scripts to be considered by Harvest Moon Motion Pictures & Television for development and production?
While we appreciate your enthusiasm to be a part of our filmmaking process, unfortunately due to legal and insurance restrictions as set forth in the Terms and Conditions of use on our website, Harvest Moon motion Pictures & Television. has a strict policy prohibiting the acceptance of unsolicited literary, dramatic or musical materials in any form for consideration. Material is only accepted for consideration when submitted by franchised literary agents or motion picture production individuals with whom Harvest Moon has an established working relationship.

Please note: we do not provide contact information for any literary agents or motion picture production individuals with whom Harvest Moon has an established relationship. 


How can I contact a certain actor/actress or filmmaker; does he/she have a fan club or address that I can send mail or email to?
Not all talent or filmmakers have a fan club or an established company address, or even a website, where they can receive fan mail. You’re welcome to email us and we can pass it along any actor/actress in our films or programs.



Can I download materials from your website and re-publish it on my website?
Any materials on our websites that are in a downloadables section or are shareable can be published to your personal website for personal use only, and should not be redistributed to other sites or publications. The materials we post within our Harvest Moon site http://www.harvestmoonmotionpictures.com and any sites created by Harvest Moon not housed within the Harvest Moon web sites are strictly for personal use only. This policy is clearly stated in our Terms and Conditions of Use, and we trust that our users abide by our rules and regulations governing our sites.



I’m a press person and review films or write entertainment-related news. How can I start receiving press material to cover your releases?
Send copies of your tear-sheets, print-outs or links of past coverage (must include byline), or tapes or encodes of spot checks, along with a email telling us about your publication and what kind of materials you need. In order for us to review your request, it is important to include the following information in your email: publication name, circulation or traffic to your site, deadlines for reviews or editorials, and if you are MPAA accredited.

Please note: we receive hundreds of requests a year to be added to our mailing lists, and unfortunately, we cannot accommodate all of them. We do review our lists on a regular basis and you will be notified of the status of your request.