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SOULMATE: History’s most notorious Killer has come back from the dead and is killing again in a small sleepy town. Unable to get a lead, the police are forced to try an unconventional way to catch this serial killer before he strikes again. They bring a psychic named Katie onto the case to try and predict his next move and finally put an end to this towns nightmarish ordeal. As she is trying to help the police, Katie begins seeing a prominent psychiatrist to deal with some of her own dark issues that begin to surface during the investigation. As she gets closer to the killer people she cares about begin being murdered one by one, causing her to seek out this killer on her own ensuing into a battle for her very soul. SoulMate takes the audience on a path of no return with many twists and turns and an ending that will leave you terrified. Rent or Own it Today






THE PRICE: Stacie has lost everything, but with the help of her new found friend Elizabeth she hopes to take revenge on those who hurt her. A supernatural thriller that reminds us that everything comes with a Price.

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Mina is a woman who has been living with the curse of Vampirism for the last year. Her brother has encouraged her to take an experimental drug that suppresses the Vampire gene and returns it’s user to their mortal state.

As the treatment progresses and she fights to suppress her urges, Mina comes to the realization that the drug is not working, leaving her with the choice of continuing on as she has or taking a more drastic approach to rid herself of this affliction.

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